Decent volume in aux out?

Hello, i am new here, i recently buy this fabulous machine as a drummer to loop my nord drum 3p. The idea was to get a minimalist configuration without any computer and stuffs connected each other. In different reviews i read that it was possible to use the aux out for my headphones, but for me it is absolutely inusable, the volume is too low. Am i doing something wrong ? What to do ? Waiting a firmware fix ? Using a small mix table just for this ? :frowning:
I use the last beta firmware 3.1x
Sorry for my perfectible english.

You need an headphone amplifier or a mixer to get a decent level on your phones or inears. The aux out has only line level, and needs to be amplified.

You might be able to use a boost pedal of some sort as well. The above ideas are better.

I had an audio interface that had a low headphone volume output and needed a boost. I bought the headphone amp linked below and had plenty of volume. I like to listen to my Alesis SR16 with headphones when editing patterns and this little amplifier gave a needed boost for that as well with a (2x)1/4" TS to 1/4" TRS cable . It’s good to have headphone control for extra headphones also when needed.

Thx guys for the recommandations, the lack of real dedicated headphone out will be a bit annoying to work at home.
I am looking for something minimalist without any ext alimentation, what do you think about the new Beringer P2 ?

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I have this on my pedalboard. No problem driving two headsets at once (but just one headset control – you can also use the main out). Works fine for me with HD650’s.

Comes in handy as a simple mixer. Can convert mono inputs to stereo.

It’s good

I might buy the aeros on Monday and have the p2 will let you know but the click is definitely bearable with any beadphones