Dedicated / Separated Loop Playback Routing

It would be incredible if there was a way for recorded track or signal from aux in to not merge with main out and to keep them separated during playback after recording.

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This sounds interesting. Can you explain the scenario in further detail?

Do you mean assigning different loops to different outputs, some to the mains and others to the aux? Could be good for multitrack recording.

Quadrophonic input, recording, and output?

I’d like to track using the Aux in and Main in. I have my guitar and pedals go into the Aux in and the signal is sent to my guitar amp. My keyboards, acoustic guitar, drum pedal, etc go into a small mixer and then into the main in. That stereo signal is sent to a Jazz Chorus amp. As soon as I’m finished tracking the loop however, whether it’s guitar (aux in) or something going directly to the main in, playback will split the signal to the two amps. It would be great if those signals could stay separated in playback after the loops are tracked. This way I don’t have a drum machine and synths coming through my dedicated guitar amp on playback.


Hey there,

We are working towards this in the near future, it is part of how we want the Aeros to work and will be exploring the full potential soon.

In essence we want to allow Main In 1 to be solely routed to T1 which in turn can also be panned and/or routed to a specific out.

There is still some way to go with this but it is in our development timeline.

Thank you for the request

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