Default beats for Mini vs. full BeatBuddy

I bought both of these - first the mini , then the “full featured”.

Am I looking at this wrong or does the full Big BeatBuddy library does have all the beats and drum kits that the mini has or not?
Now when I’m going through my notes for songs to play and beat to match, I can’t find percussion or some of the others that I used to play on the Mini.
When I got my full BeatBuddy, I shipped the mini off to a friend, so I can’t check myself.

if above is true, I have to get my friend to ship back the mini !

Can anyone Please confirm the full has everything the mini has, at least, plus midi!?
Thank you

Found this on the old forum by member Nedley01. Is this close to what you’re looking for? Someone else on the old forum had it cataloged, but it was vaporized when the forums switched.

"I made a summary of some of the.
For some the A and B part are very similar, some have long outro and others are short.
I wanted to know what I was getting into if I used my BBmini at an acoustic jam
Here’s how I'm capturing this

1 - 2 parts, busy outro - default 130
2 - 2 parts, simple outro - default 170
3 - 2 parts, busy outro - 120
4 - 1 part - snarry, medium outro 160
5 - 2 parts, simple outro 110

1 - 4/4, 2 parts, medium outro 100
2 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
3 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
4 - 6/8, 2 parts, simple outro 84-slow
5 - 12/8, 2 parts, medium outro 140

1 - 4/4, 1 part, Long outro, 100
2 - 4/4, 2 similar parts, long outro, 100
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 100
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, simple outro, 100
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, medium outro, 105

1 - 4/4, cymbals!, 2 parts, long outro, 100
2 - 4/4 cymbals, 2 parts, long outro, 105
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 107
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 100
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 107

1 - 4/4, 2 similar parts, short outro, 72
2 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 69
3 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 73
4 - 4/4, 2 parts, long outro, 68
5 - 4/4, 2 parts, short outro, 95"

The thread is also on this forum but the Excel file, if it was ever uploaded, is not available:

Hi - OP here - No, these complicated answers aren’t what I’m looking for - I just seek a simple yes/ no answer.
From the way this is being answered or not directly addressed elsewhere in the forum, I’d have to surmise the simple answer is 'No, the beats that are on the Mini are not all included in the full version.
That’s really too bad and seems to me like the naming of the products is misleading in some way.
If I order a small soda, and then order a large soda of the same name - I pretty comfortable with the idea I’m getting everything in the small version and then some when I order the large. This is a very different play on using the same product name when really they are packaged so differently that calling one the “mini” is a misnomer. I like them both very much, but it will cause additional time to sort out the time already invested in figuring things out on the mini.
If this summation isn’t accurate, please correct me.
Otherwise I think buyers should be properly informed in advance of making a 2nd purchase.

If these are the only common beats between them, that’s really too bad. It seems to me the BeatBuddy has way less variety coming out of the box than the mini does.

Answering my own question, based on information from Singular support email:
It should by default have the same exact beats. You can always be sure by downloading the SD card backup here and replacing the files currently on the card with the fresh download: