Default Drum Kits Not in Software Download


Hi, I don’t have my beatbuddy yet :frowning: but I did want to start creating content so I downloading the management software.
Although the midi content was included in the software download the drum kits were not - is it possible to provide those as a download please?


They are actually integrated into the manager software, I believe when you open a drumset for editing, all the WAV files it consists of are automatically unpacked into your working directory.


I can’t seem to see them. The drum kits drop downs are blank.

When I check in the BB software folders on my laptop, the drum kit folder is empty except for a readme file that says this is a place holder and to download the software version including the libraries.

When I read the install instructions it looked to me that the drum kits are on the device and imported to the software.

If I’ve misundestood please help :slight_smile:


You can try import drumsets from the SD card content you have shipped (or unpacked from a downloaded copy).


No SD card as beat buddy not received yet…

Is there a download location for the SD card content?


Do you mean the location of the software for download or where it downloads to?
This is where to find the backup SD and manager software

If you don’t know where it goes to on your computer-
If you are downloading it via Explorer, it will go to your download folder, but you should unzip it into a folder somewhere you can access easy, for example your root C:\ folder

create a folder in C:\ called BBLocal
then unzip to that…

When you then run the download manager, you can point at the BBLocal folder and it will import all the various kits and midi tracks it uses as defaults.


Thanks for the download URL - that’s exactly what I needed.

Downloaded the SD Card back up and have now successfully imported everything into the BB Manager.

Cheers :slight_smile:


So I got the drumset into BB MGR and can now see the various wave files. Can play each of the wav samples for a particular drum hit at different velocities, and they make the different sound you’d expect. I don’t see a way to export any of the wav files. No way to change the volume on the wav files. What we have now is all the samples of let’s say Tom 4 play at the same volume. So the sets of samples for each drum need to have the volume of the wav files taper up as you also go up in velocity.


some interesting questions there …

I’m also curious to understand how the BB decides which WAV file to play, example Metal Drum kit - Kick Drum, mapped to midi 36 and over 15 wav files.

Does it randomly select which one to play or is it more intelligent in terms of using the veloicty setting within the midi file and choosing an appropriate hit to play (or have I completely got the wrong idea :confused: )?


I am 100% sure I’ve already answered this at least twice :slight_smile:

If you look more closely, you’ll notice not all files are the same - they differ in the Start-End values. This is actually a signed byte integer value (0-127). Every MIDI note inside a MIDI file has volume information in this exact value range. Guess what happens next :slight_smile:


why thank you - perhaps a good topic for a sticky, save you having to answer it a 4th time :wink:


I can’t sticky anything at the moment :confused:


when i hook up the bb to my computer i cant do anything

I hook it up and it says no sd card but when i unhook it i can use it


Re: when i hook up the bb to my computer i cant do anything

Can you please be more specific in what exactly happens and what do you do? I’ll try to help you after I have some sleep :slight_smile: