Default Drum Kits

I’m looking for a mapping that shows which midi notes correspond to which drums for each of the Default Drum kits. I’ve seen the pictures posted of the general midi mapping, but I know that not all of the drums are present in every kit. I’m looking for the specific list for each of the basic kits. Has anyone seen that? It will be easy enough to open the kits and write down the map myself, but I thought I’d check if it has been done already.


I’m surprised you did not find the one for the Standard kit, which I have posted a number of times in different posts.

BB Standard Kit
33 A0 Metronome
36 C1 Kick Drum
37 C#1 Cross Stick
38 D1 Snare
39 D#1 Handclaps
42 F#1 Hi-Hats Closed
43 G1 Tom 4 (Floor)
44 G#1 Foot Hi-hat
45 A1 Tom 3 (Low)
46 A#1 Hi-Hat Open
48 C2 Tom 2 (Hi-Mid)
49 C#2 Crash Cymbal 1
50 D2 Tom 1 (High)
51 D#2 Ride Cymbal
53 F2 Ride C. Bell
55 G2 Splash 1
57 A2 Crash Cymbal 2
59 B2 Splash 1

Thanks. I checked with BB Manager and that is the same as the one for the Rock Kit.

what about the cowbell and tambourine midi ID ?

MIDI id for cowbell is 56, and tambourine is 54.

Those notes are not on the list, and this means they are not currently supported by BeatBuddy drumset in question.
If your MIDI pattern uses those notes, they won’t be played by BeatBuddy.