Default drumset

ok, when I disable default drum set in my mains setting, I get always the same drumset on every song
( by example Rock Drumset )
But when I power off and power on again, the drumset is standard again.
Whats wrong ?

no clue ?

Not certain on this. In BB Manager, you can select what I like to call a System Default Drumset at the top of the Songs or Dumsets screens. If you want that to be, as in your example, Rock 1.1, select it up there. Then, save your project, and synchronize or save your project to SD card. Now, your pedal should default to Rock 1.1, if the pedal is set to ignore the Song Default Drumset. And, if I’m wrong, my apologies.

no, that doesn’t help.
The default drum set menu at the top of BB Manager doesnt do anything. Its just temporary.
In the BeatBuddy Pedal itself I can go to settings / Main Pedal / default drumset . I set it to “disable” , so that I can chose with the potentiometer the drum set I want. Then every song uses that particular drumset.
BUT when I switch BeatBuddy Pedal off and turn it on again, the setting is lost, and it uses Drums-Set : STANDARD … why ???

I had the same problem. Hitting enable instead of disable solved it.

Hello. In January 2021, I finally got around to updating my BB with the latest FW available. That said, regardless of what i specify in the BB settings on the pedal for Default Drumset, it has a mind of it’s own defaulting to Voice every time after powering up the pedal. Is there anything i can try to address this issue?


Think i got it figured out. Main Pedal settings, Default Drum set “Enable”
Then, for a given song (what i was not doing), Press/Hold the Drum Set knob to get the saved as default drum set message.