default_lib and user_lib ?

I’m trying to clean up what I think was a botched setup when I first installed BBM. I have BBWorkspace properly in ‘My Documents’ with the two folders ‘default_lib’ and ‘user_lib’ under it with folders inside those. The basic folder structure is correct I believe. What I’m not sure of is is what files should be in the respective folders in the ‘default_lib’ folder. Should the entire original SD card content be in the ‘default_lib’ folder and if so, how should have it gotten there. In the ‘default_lib’ currently I have in ‘midi_sources’ are folders of original card midi files. In ‘wav_sources’ is a collection of wav files not in folders (not sure if these came with original card). In ‘drum_sets’ is one folder called NP_Ballad_Upright_0-31. The projects and songs folders in the ‘default_lib’ are empty except the readme.txt file “Placeholder for installed projects/songs” (installed meaning ‘original’?).
Does the default_lib folder serve any purpose for retrieving files or other data.

I got myself into the same trouble, brother.

The more important question might be, does the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) display songs, folders and drum sets and if so, do they play? If they do, then you’re probably good to go. However, when you start to second-guess “what goes where” (and then act on what you think belongs where) in your bbworkspace, that’s when everything begins to go sideways :(. Probably the best thing at this point is to blow away the BBM and the bbworkspace and to start fresh—which based on your description, I think is what may be called for. If you are uncomfortable doing this on your own, it’s probably safer to contact Support via e-mail or PM and ask for a remote session. If you’d like me to help, you may contact me via PM.
[*]Should the entire original SD card content be in the ‘default_lib’ folder and if so, how could it have it gotten there? The answer is no, it should not be in your default_lib folder. If it is, it probably means that the contents of the SD card got there by user intervention (whether intentionally or accidentally).

[]What should be in the default_lib folder? On my Mac’s bbworkspace, there are no contents other than the 5 empty folders. I have no idea if this is right, but I try never to muck about in my bbworkspace because all it does is create headaches.
]Your SD card contents should look similar to this:
[]If it’s been synchronized lately, your SD card will contain your latest project and it can be thought of as a backup to the project on your BBM. If your card contains all of your songs, drum sets and premium content, you can probably safely delete your bbworkspace folder and any other instances of bbworkspace folders littered about on your computer. If you’re on Windows, use your computer’s operating system (OS) to uninstall or remove the BBM application. If you’re on a Mac, just delete the BBM and bbworkspace.
]Download and reinstall the BBM for your OS. Let the BBM install the workspace in your documents folder.
[]Insert your SD card in your computer slot reader.
]Use the BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to and open the project on your SD card.

persist… if your ‘default_lib’ folder is in essence ‘empty’ other than the folders that are created on installing BBM, I’ll go with that. It all magically does work and does what its supposed to so, ‘if it ain’t broke…’ I’m leaving it alone. Just seemed odd to have folders created with no obvious purpose other than to question why they are there.
Yup, SD card content is similar to what you’ve shown.

Yes, the whole folder system “under the hood” is designed a bit weird I agree. I would suggest to no one to even try to attempt to figure this one out… In future versions of the BBManager, we want the whole “under the hood” system to be invisible to the user, that will simplify things.

What’s most important is to make sure it works. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a terrific way to approach the BBManager, and especially its file system.

The only steadfast rule regarding the BBWorkspace (the parent folder to the default_lib and user_lib folders) is that it should be in Documents. There have been certain bugs I encountered (like new drumsets not being saved or not appearing in the project when imported, although I only saw this happening in Windows, 10 IIRC) that were completely solved by placing the BBWorkspace in its intended location, under Documents instead of somewhere else on the computer (and then of course Tools > Set Workspace Location to confirm its location).