Default order

I understand the usage of the beat buddy for jamming, practicing, or writing, and the excellent flexibility to basically create an arrangement on the fly. However, in playing real songs live, one mistake and you basically get the train wreck of all train wrecks. So, I try to make the songs for playing live as simple as possible and with as little intervention as possible.

However, with a little extra work, I think we could figure out a way to have a “default order” that the clips will play in, so that you could preordain an arrangement. In addition, perhaps there could be extra functionality like “tap” plays this loop again, and then continues in the default order, and “trans” skips on to the next part of the arrangement. That way you still have the flexibility to add a longer solo, or skip the last verse, etc, but not have to perfectly tap dance to get a whole song. I’m a solo performer, so all the songs I play live with are the “with Bass” variety, which increases that likelihood of trainwrecks via mistaken taps. When it goes well, it’s pretty awesome though!

It would certainly take alot of the pressure off using the Beatbuddy if I knew in advance absolutely what he was gonna play. :wink:

Thats exactly why Im waiting so hard for Midi Control... Since my controller (Gordius little Giant) gives me ability to do synced to the beat delayed Midi commands, I could programm it to do whole song parts, that could include breaks etc. and then at least go back to main part. Im practicing it this way with my two Infinitys, but really need to include BB in this procedure…