default tempo getting lost

Hi Guys, I’m using the latest 2.0.4-RC4 firmware and latest 1.6.4 BBManager software for Mac. When “round-tripping” between the pedal and the Mac the default tempo on songs often gets lost: Using BBManager, copy the entire contents of the SD card to the Mac, make changes, then export everything back to the SD card. So far so good. But make changes to the default tempo on the pedal, then copy it back to the Mac and the default tempo change is no longer there on the Mac. Is anyone else seeing this?

If by copy back to the Mac, you mean using the BBM sync, it should work. Do not use the Finder or OS to copy songs or folders between the SD card and the computer.

Correct, all copying takes place using the BBManager app. Any ideas?

I’ve been testing this further and the problem is easily reproducible:

  1. On the pedal, change the default tempo for a song. Turn the pedal off, turn back on, verify the default tempo is correct.
  2. Turn the pedal off, remove the SD card, insert into the Mac and open the project on the SD card in BBManager.
  3. After letting BBManager copy everything from the SD card to the Mac, the default tempo for that song is now incorrect.

On a related note, I’ve noticed that on the pedal turning off the drum fill intro in settings, then round-tripping to the Mac and back (again via BBManager) similarly loses the drum fill intro setting and I have to turn it off again. File a separate issue on that one, or closely related enough to this one?

Might have to let @BeatBuddy Support chime in on this one. I think that the inability to synchronize your project is the cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Granted, Sierra makes it difficult–but not impossible–to sync your project and retain all settings.

Thanks. Thought I was already in the technical support area. Wait to hear from them, or contact another way?

You’re good. I tagged Support in my previous post.

I just tested your two issues. When using Synchronize Project, it retains the settings.

With the card in the pedal, I changed the tempo on one song and changed the Main Pedal > Intro > None; inserted the card in the computer and used BBM to Synchronize Project; ejected the card, put it back in the pedal and it retained the settings.

If you’d like to know how I get Sierra to make the Sync Project available, let me know or you can search for it here on the forum. Some users complain that it’s too much hassle to do what I suggested. Your choice involves tradeoffs: continue to do it by Exporting and Opening the Project from the SD card (and having to reset your settings on the pedal) or put up with the hassle of making the Synchronize Project available in the BBM.

I’d like to do a phone support session and see what’s happening on your end there. Will PM you.