Delete a track

How do I delete a track? Holding the play/stop all will delete the whole song, but I just want to delete a track of the song I just did.

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So I figured out how to delete a track. However, when I go back to record again, it no longer counts me in… What’s going on here?

does it happens to you that when erasing all loopings the lopps begin to play for a second before they get deleted??


something im doing wrong then. i use the play/stop all button, no?

I don’t want to delete everything on the song. When I delete all the tracks on a song part or just one track, it no longer does a count in

Hey there, thanks for the question, unfortunately, this is not the use of the count in option, it is only meant to affect the very first time you start recording from a stopped state in an empty song part. It does not currently play a count in if you undo the first track, which is something we can look into. That being said, count in is not meant for undoing a single track and using count in if there are several other tracks playing. It seems what you want is a pre-roll, but I don’t know if this will be a priority because that is an advanced feature.

Is there a way to delete a track other than “Undo”?

Hello there,

No there is currently only the undo command, we want to look into clearing tracks but that is an enhancement and we aren’t there yet. The good news is that we are slowly improving the logic for undone tracks to allow them to be more easily used in all scenarios.

Stay tuned on that

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Is there really no “clean” delete-track option?!

Your play/stop/all button in the Settings section is set to “One Press.” If you set it to “On Release.” you will not hear that 1 second of music before all tracks are deleted.

Nope, although the track is “clean” after Undoing it.

We are still improving on some corner cases where undone tracks don’t behave as “clear” tracks, it has improved a lot already in 3.1.10, there will be a bug fix release in the near future solely focused on those corner cases

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Thanks. Good to know, though haven’t run into a “corner case” yet myself.

thanks so much - desperate for clear track too.

I want to thank this team for their continued work - there are times (adimittedly) I get emotional on some of the failings (like this one, and also the transfer to SD card bugs), but since you guys keep progressing the firmware, I’ll stick with it…

thank you

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Hello, but where is the switch "undo " ? If you make an error it’s a panique tap dance ? Only mute track work, but the track is stay in the display adding to the confusion of your part, then don’t forget, you be on stage in front of the crowd, and you are the conductor, it is very difficult to do this dance on the switches


Hello, like I replied elsewhere, you likely are not aware of the quick undo Cancel Recording feature which is enabled in the Device Settings. If this is enabled, the recording/overdub will be immediately undone when you tap the Play Stop All while recording/overdubbing.

You can also just hold the Action (RPO/ROP) button for the track, this is how you normally undo tracks. We understand holds are clunky so we created the Cancel Recording feature as a setting for a one tap solution.

You can also undo a recording by sending an undo command while recording or after recording via midi.

All MIDI commands are listed here.

Thanks for the question