Delete all tracks without sound

Is there a way to stop the loops at the end of the song and delete all tracks by holding play/stop without it making a sound? Its really annoying and embarrassing how it plays the loops for a second before deleting.

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I hear ya. I have gotten into the habit of … when I am done with a loop I hit the stop all and hold it. that is the only way live. I can’t use the stop on release and that is the only way I can make it professional. I would love it if they allowed us to use an external footswitch from the exp ped jack for this. If you are using the Aeros live you are a braver man than me. Im still using another and am using the Aeros in my studio for now.

You can do this if change the global setting “Play Stop All Button” from Press to Release.

Obvious huh?

Singular Sound optimized for a timing optimization on Stop to be on by default. IMHO that’s the wrong choice. The current choice leads to a glaring, audible issue for most people … and there’s no way those people will find the fix in the settings. The current default leads to a subtle difference (the time for the button to be released) on the timing to stop only important to smaller group. People looking to change that setting have a chance at figuring that out as the nam of the setting is exatly what they want to do (stop on press).

Failing that, they can change the name of the setting for release to “Release (enables quiet delete all tracks)”. Or something shorter.


Hello there,

This is a behavior that we currently have, as brought up above, because the Play Stop All—when set to Press—sends the start command before the Aeros reads the hold. So the Aeros starts playback until it registers the hold command about 600ms later.

We understand this is not ideal, which is why we intend to move the deletion capability away from the Play Stop All and only use the play/stop to play and stop. This is part of a hands-free mode that is coming soon on the horizon, it plans on dealing with this very issue. Another solution that is coming sooner is the implementation of a MIDI command that will handle song clearing in one tap with no confirmation.

Because of the fact that so many people have a more fluid experience when playing if the Aeros is set to play and stop on the press, we have chosen to use it as the default despite the situation. The only downside is occasionally users don’t realize this and fix it themselves, and often need to come to the forum or read the manual. If it proves to be no issue for you to have Play/Stop on the release, you can set it that way and this problem will disappear :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question!

I’ll try this work around because, I too, find the short burst of noise while deleting a song problematic for a live performance.

I do want to commend you on a fantastic product that other than a few little issues like this is fantastic and it is amazing to me that a 6x6 looper can be almost intuitive to operate. I also really appreciate that the colors you have chosen for the display are visible to color blind folks like me. It’s amazing how many equipment manufacturers don’t accommodate the 10% of customers who are color blind.

I’d love to see more demo’s and emphasis on free looping without the beat buddy since it works very well as a free looper.


We hope to have solutions for the deletion soon, we understand how problematic this is.

We appreciate that and we are hoping to continue impressing as the Aeros keeps improving!

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

The stop on release trick works perfectly. It’ll take some time to get used to the different behavior but it WORKS!