Delete main drum loop in a song

In Beatbuddy manager the manual states there is an X on the right hand side of a song in the editor to either delete the whole song or delete individual main loops.
On my screen there is no X in the box to delete the song or in the box to delete an individual loop.
Has this facility been removed?? or is there another way to delete a main loop in a song.

The function has not been removed. This is what it should look like:

If you don’t see the Xs, the app may not have installed completely. Remove the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and reinstall.

I have deleted Manager and reinstalled it and the same problem still occurs. There is no X’s where they should be as shown on your example. Check image attached. Everything else works OK no other problems.


Your screen shot (thanks for providing), shows the Xs in the upper right corners of your song sections. Assuming you have the latest version BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) version available when clicking on any one of those Xs, it does not remove the section?

You can remove an entire song by using the BBM, highlight the song in the Project Explorer, (right pane) and use the BBM menu > Songs > Delete Song.

I tried that way to delete a main loop, drum fill etc which works OK. But I still have the problem that the song will not play or save with an empty main loop. See attached screen shot of message.
Is there a way to delete a main loop (including fill, transition & accent) that I do not need?
I do not wish to delete the entire song just one part of it, leaving the rest.
regards, Kevin

That’s because the BB requires a song in the Main Drum Loop. The workaround is to copy a NULL or Empty MIDI file into the Main Drum Loop section.

If you haven’t done so yet, it may be helpful to view some of the tutorials and review the user guide to make sure you have some of the basics under your belt.

I have read the version of the beat buddy manager manual that comes up online from the forum. it still states that you can delete a main loop by pressing the X on the right hand side of the screen!!
I did try to find the information about working with main loops before going on to this forum but it seems that your manuals are out of date and the video tutorials that I have looked are also similarly based on older versions of the BB manager software.
Maybe it would be helpful to get your basics right and update the manuals and video tutorials to reflect the latest version of your software.

I also have this problem - is there an updated response to this? The ‘X’ on the right that will delete a song part does not show on one of my computers and it does on the other. Help would be much appreciated!

See post 13 at Beatbuddy Screen Resolution Problems

Is there no way to remove a song part? Can remove parts but error says it won’t play.

The BB requires a main drum loop and as you’ve discovered, the song won’t play without it. You can delete the transitions, drum fills and accent hits.

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The issue is: if you add a main loop at the bottom of the main loop list you can’t remove it.
The example from Kevin Olsen dated Oct’18 is showing a blank main loop that he doesn’t want. The ‘x’ he is after are the ones shown on the far right in Persist’s reply dated Oct’18
image. I also have this issue. I attribute this to a scaling issue of the application.

Changing the options as shown here gave me the 'x’s:

Hope this helps.

Windows 10 ist still a bit ‘special’ about what they then called HiDPI - like full HDMI resolution on my laptop (which nobody would call high DPI nowadays). But the solution to set HiDPI setting back as recommended in that post doesn’t work for me: Takes too much space on the screen. I need the scaling being set to 150%.
I do have those ‘x’ though - just didn’t know they were there because they are so small they weren’t recognisable at first sight. Now I’ve learned. Fine for now.