Deleting recorded loops

After recording a loop and playing through a song and the aeros is stopped. When I hold down the play/stop all button to erase the loop and start a new one it briefly plays the loop. This is problematic when playing live because before I can start my next song the audience is treated to a 3 second loop of what was just played.

How can I delete loops without it starting to play?

With the handfree menu
Hold the left switch , in the menu you will see Clear song<select with the wheel and confirm with right switch
If you don’t see it , you need to add it into the settings

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Hey there,

It is also possible to avoid this by setting the Play/Stop All to the release instead of press (Settings > Behavior > Play/Stop All Button)

The reason the blip happens because the pedal is set to the press and so the press is registered before the hold is