Deleting songs

Hi other fellow BB users … Just got my manager up & running, trying to get the feel of it. But what Im wondering is …Can I delete say “folk” and “jazz” drum tracks without upsetting any of the other tracks??

Yes just delete the songs you don’t need. Before you do so I would create a new folder, call it something appropriate, move the songs you are planning on deleting to it and then export the folder to your computer to keep as a backup - then delete the folder. If don’t need the Jazz folder then I would export that to your computer to keep as a backup and then delete it from your Beatbuddy.

All the songs/folders are independent from each other.
Even if you forget to make a backup before deleting them, you can always download an SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page. Opening the project from that archive contents will return your project back to the original state.

The SOngs are Still on the Card & Pedal though …Do I need to delete them from there also? if so,How do I erase them from the card?

The workflow to edit pedal content is the following:

  1. You open the project from pedal with BBManager.
  2. You save a copy of your project on you local drive.
  3. You edit a local project with BBManager (adding/removing of songs/folders etc)
  4. You synchronize or export project to pedal to apply your changes to the pedal.

You only do 1. and 2. once per project lifetime, and then just keep doing 3. -> 4. for any additional changes.
Synchronize becomes available as a shortcut for exporting project to pedal once you do it.

BBManager 1.5.0. allows you to edit an SD card project directly. This is for advanced users only! :slight_smile:

Ty …Im not quite to that point yet but definately good advice …but the issue Im at right now is Once I Modify or make the tracks/beats in BB Manager …I Can Not get that whole project over to my SD card so it will overwrite it & stay that way no matter what I do. Ive read the huge long page of instructions on this, Ive read so much looking for the answer.Ive watched tutorials but seems non cover step by step how to export it Successfully to the SD card. I will assume its not a 1+2=3 procedure.

It may seem cumbersome to start, yet it is pretty easy when you get the idea.

Just answer Yes when prompted to overwrite (when exporting project to pedal), and let it actually overwrite the whole project. Don’t eject the SD card until it is done.
Doing this will allow you to later simply use Synchronize. That should only write your changes to the SD card.

The prblem Im having is …It cant find teh SD card to overwrite!