Demo of the Beatbuddy being used in Church


My first ever video on Youtube demonstrating how I am using the Beatbuddy at Church. I demonstrate stepping through a setlist of various songs using various tempos and kits.
This was filmed last Saturday, before the manager software was released.


Very nice!

You aughta get yourself an octaver pedal like the Boss oc3 to simulate a bass.
those pads sound nice as well.

the Beatbuddy works really well, particularly because you can stop and start for breaks in the song.

Nice work!


That was excellent - thanks for all the explanations about how you use it …




Nice demo. Are you using the ipad to play the pads? Also, are you linking the pad loop mp3 to the individual Onsong songs? Also, how are you linking the ipad to the sound system… is it just going to a DI box?




Never thought of that but I have too many gizmos as it is. I have a cheap Behringer effects unit that has this effect but I have never used it with my acoustic and only use the unit when recording with my electric. Might have to try it some time at home, but we do have a bassist at church.

So one thing I didn’t mention was that I also have a rolls personal mixer (imported from the US) clamped to my mic stand. The BeatBuddy itself is plugged into a 100w wedge used by the electric drums. My Ipad is connected to the rolls via its headphone jack, as is my guitar and microphone. All these sources come out of the rolls’ headphone jack and into my acoustic amp (although it is designed for in-ear monitors) so I can hear it. The rolls splits the signal so an unmodified signal of my microphone and guitar go to to the sound desk at the back. The rolls allows me to control my own foldback volume and as it is clamped to the stand it is easy to adjust rather than relying on an aux send from the back.

Onsong has the ability to attach an audio file from iTunes to a chord chart, you could use that for a backing track or for the original recording to play along to when practicing. I have just linked the pad loops to it instead. In the past I have also produced some drumloops in GarageBand and imported those.

Hope that answers your question.


Very nice job.

I am a new guitarist that needs a beat to follow so this will work wonders for us on Sundays. We have a novice piano player and another guitarists but neither of them are confident in their abilities either. For a year I was the only instrumentalist. I literally learned to play open chords and three months later was the only instrument on stage. Talk about being thrown into the deep end.

This will be my first pedal, so there is that learning curve coming too. I’m hoping I can lean on you guys for pointers along the way and help to make this as effortless as possible. (I’m also a pastor and dad of 3 elementary age boys, so you can imagine how busy I am)

I will post all that I find along the journey as well.



When I was 16 i had a desire to learn the guitar, at the time I was playing the trumpet and drums in the church where I grew up. Within a year we lost our main piano player and worship leader who also played guitar and I became the sole musician responsible for leading every Sunday morning and evening.
Thankfully In the church that I am part of now, I don’t have to lead as often and we are blessed to have some good musicians.


Interesting how many of us worship leaders have been sortof pressed in to service.
I had played guitar for a couple of years, as a kid, but mostly just for fun and never lead. A youth leader friend, after playing with me for one or two weeks it seemed, told me he needed me to lead the next week. It all started there.

I have a request of those who have been contributing to this thread.

I may not be able to use the BB software for the forseeable future because I am blind, and the bb software has not been created with a view towards accesaability. So, if you;ve created some nice beats BB songs for popular worship songs, or even not-so-popular ones, please share. I could use all the help I can get.



Is there no one that can help you? I couldn’t imagine trying to play without being able to see, I have enough trouble playing and I can see.

What songs would you like to find rhythms for? I am currently almost finding all I need with what is currently in the BB as long as the intros are cut or changed using a different intro from a different beat.
I am currently working on a 3/4 beat to go with the Hymn “Praise to the Lord”, as others have mentioned modern 3/4 beats are lacking in the unit. The unit also needs some Celtic style rhythms to go with songs like “Come now is the time to worship”, however when the need arises I will create them. Some slower songs don’t get much benefit from the BB so even though the BB could use some rhythms which are more ballad orientated I will probably do without.
On Sunday we will be doing “Open the eyes of my heart” with the Techno 5 dance kit which sounds just flat and drags without drums or a beat.


Thanks Psalm40
I expect that I’ll find rhythms that can be used with the songs that I do. Primarily I’ll probably need help removing or tweaking intros.
When I get my BB I’m hoping my wife will be able to help me out a bit, but will definitely do what I can on my own.

Being blind does pose a few challenges, but challenge keeps us on our toes. :slight_smile:


be sure to keep checking back on the post I created about beat buddy songs that work with church songs. The opening post is where I will be putting all the songs we will be using at our church. I’ll edit/change as we go along and find what works best for the entire team.