Derek and the Dominoes...Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad

Searched (all 10 pages with the word ‘love’ in the title) and Midiworld, etc with no luck. In my dreams thought i had seen it. Another one like some Dead (Know You Rider) and others that need that pushed shuffle/two drummer effect with prominent snare. Would be great with bass and piano and/or organ in Am. Congas might be a way to make it move similar to some treatments we have posted here (Santana et al).

OK, I thought this song was going to be much worse than it is, because it always had a very disjointed feel to me, probably caused by the minor to major change from the verse to the chorus. Anyhow, feel-wise, at 252 BPM, a very fast samba works and gives the proper “push.”
I should be able to get it knocked out. The original is in Bbm, but Am works a lot better for me, too. I found 2 cover versions which are also quite good. Buckwheat Zydeco did an almost note for note cover, but it’s on his accordion, and there is a superb guitar solo on it, actually played by Mr. Clapton himself. Bettye Lavette did a nice cover on her Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook. The verses are really great, but the chorus leaves something to be desired. Anyhow, I should have this very fast samba knocked out sometime today. It will be a jam version, that is, a very long intro until the jam after chorus 3. Then it can stay on that jam as long as you like. When you trigger the outro, you will get ten more times through the A, D chorus pattern for that ending spacey jam, which I believe has something of a ritardando to it, but it may just be the drums dropping out that gives that feel. I need to listen a couple more times.

Always benefit greatly from your thinking plus the historical inside details. Finding some unaccustomed downtime in recent days I listed the songs we do and drum kits associated with them. While ‘Standard 1.1’ (16 songs) and ‘Standard Pro’ (8) makeup many with stock patterns I am adopting more of the bass/piano approaches since it supplements so well. Big Bose Jazz trio on ‘Know You Rider’ and ‘Willin’, P-Bass and Hammond 2 for Black Magic Woman (extended version) are great examples.

There are so many kits these days it gets confusing - aside from the qualities of the drums, bass and piano and levels of each some of course map differently making adopting them a but more more work. Not surprisingly, yours make quite a few of the songs we perform these days. Thanks.

I decided the ritardando is there. It slows from the 252 down to about 220 over those last 10 times through the pattern.

I probably do make too many kits. But, I find sometimes that rather than settle for using what we already have, if I can make a better suited kit in a few minutes, why not do it. Speaking of which, I have again modified the Santana kit to better suit this song.