Desync Beatbuddy just for one song

I use my Aeros Looper with a beatbuddy for the beats.
Here is my problem: for some songs I don’t want to use the beatbuddy but play the guitar alone without triggering the drum machine automatically… in short, how to use the Aeros as a simple looper when it is connected to the BB for somes songs in liveset ?
Thank you in advance for your answer

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Just press the Aeros switches and don’t touch any switch for BB

I would definitely agree with NYHC, you don’t need to press the BeatBuddy to use the Aeros while the BB is connected

First thanks for the ansswer : when i only press the Aeros the BB doesn’t start (And it’s a good thing) but a BPM is fixed on the Aeros.

When i play a set (for some songs only) i don’t Want bpm fixed And i want to play Free… making my own loop (wihout bpm actived)…

Just tap tempo with the Beatbuddy, without start it ;
Or set Sync off into BB settings

Good point I see what you mean, if you are in quantized mode, the Aeros will follow clock that is incoming. If you can, you can try freeform mode with Sync tracks set to Sync Start and Length. It behaves a lot like quantized mode but with no tempo.

We will have solutions that will make this no longer be a problem very soon, thank you for your feedback!

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Thanks a lot Brennan for your fast answer ! I understand now that isn’t so easy to disconnect the TAP tempo for one song in a midle of a set. Thanks to your answer, I will stop looking for a solution doesn’t exist until now… good weekend a thanks again !!!

I ended up temporarily solving this problem with a midi switch pedal between the BB and the Aeros.
(the one I got: MIDI Pedal Switch (Turn MIDI signal On or Off with one Stomp) )

The main problem with this method is that you’re cutting off all upstream midi as well, so like if you had a MIDI Maestro ahead of the BB (MM → BB → Aeros), then it’d be cut off. The awkward solution I used for a while was to basically create a midi loop for just the BB and the MIDI on/off switch.

That worked with some tweaking, but it was a lot of extra junk on the pedalboard. Something like a MIDI message to just turn off clock sync would be ideal.