Diamonds and Rust OPBk re-up - R.W.I., based on Judas Priest and Joan Baez

Uses NP My Big Organ with Bass XXRL.

Includes: .sng, chords and lyrics in pdf and plain text, midi opbk file.

Story: My wife, my son and I had a band. We were called R.W.I. (Revolutionaries With Instruments.) The name is the subject of another story, but I may share it someday. Anyhow, the wife loves the Joan Baez song, Diamonds and Rust. One day coming home with the classic rock station on, they play the Judas Priest cover. She asks if I could work up an arrangement that had that kind of groove to it, but still kept all the verses, and wasn’t real over the top on the verses. What we had was something very similar to this. This is my BB version of our arrangement.

I just wanted to share to see if it gets any reaction. Enjoy.

Download Here