Did a search and didn't find this subject on button configuring preference,So..

I just got my BeatBuddy pedal yesterday. Got it all updated properly and added an old Behringer 2 button pedal to it. It detected the pedal fine. Than I started to make preference adjustments for what the pedal will do when I hit each button. So many combinations to choose from! LOL. Just out of curiosity, what is your preferences for when you hit a particular button? If your playing live I would think there is a good combination so your not dancing on the pedals all night. I’ll keep messing around and get that perfect combination eventually I do believe :wink:

I think someone else was asking about this too.

My needs are pretty modest and left at default with the exception of
foot switch functions
1st Switch Stopped > Song Advance
1st Switch Playing > Pause/Unpause
2d Switch Stopped > Song Back
2d Switch Playing > Outro Fill
midi messages Midi-Out > Sync > Disable (seems to work best for me with my Infinity looper)

Nice. Good idea on the forward and backward song set up. Was trying how to come up with the "pause/unpause
set up and then that outro fill. That’s how you make the best of 2 buttons :slight_smile: