Did my first live songs this AM

The BB was fabulous! I was able to play bass, sing harmonies, and operate the BB without issue or drama. The band leader commented how natural the BB sounded while providing terrific fills and dynamics for each song.

I’ve added a separate sustain pedal so I can put the BB on a throne allowing me to reach the knobs while still operating the pedal and switches with my feet. Even though I had preset all the songs, I still needed to be able to adjust the volume during the set. Having a song volume setting along with the existing tempo and kit settings would definitely be useful.

I used the muted pause on one song and the BB performed flawlessly. Muted the drums when I wanted, came back in on the right beat/tempo.

Hello, thanks for posting your experiences, so you use a separate sustain pedal? I tried a standard single foot pedal with BeatBuddy to see if I had at least one of the buttons function, just got a buzzing sound. Did you get a single pedal to work ok then?

What is muted pause?

I added a new jack to the pedal that allows me to connect the sustain pedal in parallel with the switch on the BB. It’s also called the Norbert Hack. A search should find the original thread.

Muted pause stops the drums but keeps the beat going so you can bring the drums back in on beat.