Difference between "start" (midi cc114) and "Next Part" (midi CC113)

Dears, hope to get your expert advise on this:
Currently programming the Helix to send midi to BB for the following:

  • Start (CC114)
  • FILL (CC112)
  • NEXT PART (CC113)
  • STOP (CC115)
    I only have 4 buttons so I am checking to use them optimally. If possible I would remove CC114 as to my observation CC113 does the same thing with the right settings.
    Question: can I drop the CC114 or is there any particular function to it that I did not yet capture? (Using CC113 I can start the song w or wo the intro)

Thanks for advise (currently no MIDI out from BB used)

Hey there, you are correct that sending a CC113 command will act much like the CC114 command, there’s nothing, in particular, I can think of that would make it necessary to have both

Thanks for this. In the meantime I have worked w CC113-only without problems.