Different BPM in same song Manager 1.6.6

Hello, I just updated my BB manager to 1.6.6 and it indicated that one of the updates was the ability to have different bpms in the same song, but cannot figure out how to do that. Is it possible do do this in the BB manager or must it be done some other way? Thanks!

I did see that when you edit a beat part using the built in midi editor, on the left there is a field to adjust the tempo for that midi part. hope that helps

Thanks. I’m not too midi savvy unfortunately. I’ll give it at try.

yes try it . right click on the part you are referring to and you should see EDIT . click on that and a pop up may come up. click YES or NO it doesn’t really matter for what your doing. On this screen you will see on your left a bunch of different fields and settings. Tempo should be in there.

Ok, so I did as you instructed and it worked in BB Manager, but when I synchronized the project with my SD card and tried it on the BeatBuddy pedal it did not work. It just maintained the original bpm the whole time.

I then went back and opened it in the BB Manager and it still works there. Any ideas? Thanks!

Your right tried it as well and same result. Not sure what we are missing. If I come up with anything I’ll let you know

This is getting fixed. Please remember, this a beta release which means many of the features may be incomplete. Once it is completely fixed on the software side, there may be some modifications to the firmware needed as well.

I understand.

no worries

Thanks for the update

Yes, thanks for letting us know.