Different drum sets for different songs in folder

This may be possible already but it appears looking at the BeatBuddy manager software tutorial and reading the manual that this may not be currently possible.

As the BeatBuddy comes with 10 drum kits can you assign any of those kits to any of the songs in the same folder, so you can use different drum kits for different songs, rather than having to manually change the drum kit for each song?

Looks like you have asked several question here at once. Luckily, the short answer to all of them is yes.

Yes, it is possible to assign a drumset you wish to any song you wish.
Yes, whenever you change to this song, the drumset assigned to it will be automatically loaded.
Yes, you won’t need to do it manually every time.
Yes, you will be able to override the assigned drumset and select any other one you wish.
Yes, you won’t need to select the assigned default drumset again after you switch song to another one, then back to this - it’s default drumset will be loaded for you again.
Yes, BeatBuddy comes with a lot of drumsets, and sometimes songs sound much better via not it’s defaulr drumset - but it is simply a matter of taste.

And, most importantly, Yes, you can create a new song, a new drumset, and assign it to your song!

BeatBuddy is amazing in that it is heavily customizable! This is the thing what most other (even very well built) devices lack.

Thanks for the reply and for confirming that, did not realise I had asked so many questions. :mrgreen:

hi is it possible in the same song into the different part of it , to change the drumset? (metal rock dance etc…): for example part 1 drumtset rock part 2 drumset dance

Not presently.

You could create a new drumset that has the instruments of both kits - like the user created kits that have bass and other instruments, except in this case that the extra instrument is another drumkit. Say one drum kit uses notes 0-30 and the other uses 31-60. You then edit the midi files play the notes you want from each kit.