Different odd beats

I made few odd beats, which you can’t find in libraries, especially world and jazzy stuff. They are simple, as contain just one or two main parts. No fills separately, but fills are in the whole parts and in this way they are colorful enough. For this styles this is sufficient, as they are more steady and don’t need more in my opinion. Anyway, if you want cut them to main parts and fills, you can do it. You can experiment with different drumsets also. If you’re interested in all of this, enjoy and have a fun.
Ethnic_jazz_fusion.sng (11.4 KB)
Irish.sng (5.3 KB)
Mid East_jazzy.sng (11.5 KB)
Mission_5_4.sng (10.8 KB)
Ska.sng (6.5 KB)
Ska_2.sng (8.4 KB)
Waltz_smooth.sng (2.7 KB)


Sorry. I uptated the Waltz smooth beat. there was a small mistake: the metronome counts in 4 and it caused minor confusion. Now it’s ok.
Waltz_smooth.sng (2.7 KB)
And seems Mid east jazzy and Ethnic jazz fusion are the same, so enough to download one of them.