Different tempo´s while reusing the same song?

I´ve bought two weeks ago the Beatbuddy to support me on my solo gigs.
I´ve made my playlist directly in the config file and found out that it´s not possible to ´call´ the songs with a different tempo.
So I tried to do this in Beatbuddy manager but no. It looks like, because you can set the tempo parameter for each choosen song but it only overwrites the tempo file and you have Always the tempo of the last setting.
For me this is a big handicap because i´m not good in making this midifile constructions and i want to use the existing songs.
Please can you make one or more separators in de config file to give the parameter for tempo and maybe also the drumkit ?? I want to start my beatbuddy supported gigs asap…

Is there anybody with a good solution?
In that case you can use the same songfile for different songs without bending and mistakes on stage.

You can copy the song and set with different default tempo (use external switch to go to next song, when stopped), or maybe you can use BB as Midi slave, if you have Midi clock…

Currently this can only be done via a workaround - export the song, then import it back.

That`s what I meant…:oops:

You mean I have to copy the song and save it with another name ?
Can you use any name to save it?

No just export it and import it into your new folder, if you import it into the same folder the name will be appended with a “1”.
I demonstrate this in my tutorial videos as at the time you couldn’t drag and drop and this was the only way of making a set list.

Thank you very much Psalm40, I have allready made a folder which contains my complete setlist (about 150 different songs) and within this setlist (folder) i like to use the same song with a different tempo.
As I understand; I have to make a copy of the song in this folder, wich will be appended with a “1” and then i can use it as it should be a different song and set the tempo?
When it is like this, it solves my problem.

To get a copy you need to create a copy by exporting the song thereby creating a copy on your computer. Then you can import that copy to the BB giving you a second version - you can change this to you heart’s content but not give it the exact name as the original hence it will append “1” to the name. You could also just add “slow” in brackets to the end of the title or whatever you like to differentiate the two or more versions.

Maybe have to explane…
I´m working in the config files.
I choose the Marchin map to put my setlist in the config file and copied all of the songs of the other maps into it.
So, to be free to choose what I need.
The problem was the tempo and drumkit when I want to call the same BBsong.sng for another song
Now I found out that I can make a copy of every song I need and just give it a name!
In Beatbuddymanager I can make al the parameters I need and write it back to the SD card.

My problem is solved. Tnx to everybody!

Yea, I just take all the songs that I use, adjust the tempo, adjust the drum set, export to my files, then import it back into the manager program. When I import it back in, I name the song that I want, like “Blue Bayou” which is actually Blues 1, standard drums, beat 103.