Different tempos with same song

The ability to set individual song parts at different tempos.

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Yes this would be awesome!

Indeed, it would! Yet, there are issues currently… :confused:

Hi wondering if any progress on this one ; )


This is one of the first things I tried to do and was disappointed it was not possible. So many songs with tempo changes.

Yes, maybe, You can do it through OnSong, with midi, i have some songs where I need a different beat, for example in a chorus, I will
program it into the OnSong, but the drum does stop so i have to restart it, not sure on a tempo change, that might work without the drum stopping.

Being completely new to drum machines and midi programming im sure there are lots of things that make what im asking for difficult to attain. If they could make it so you could just program parts with different tempos and even different drum sets… and switch between them with the transition fills it would be amazing. I searched through this thread and this tempo feature is a recurring request. I hope youre listening BB gurus!

I would also like to see Tempo Change option. Most Iron Maiden songs have many different tempos in them.

Actually there are two tempo issues here: 1. change tempo between different parts of the song and a function to change tempo bit by bit during a song. This last function could be an option for the second pedal: tap and the tempo goes up for - say - 3 bpm, or whatever you choose. The first function could be a function for the beatbuddymanager: if there we could combine songs or paste one song directly after another, than it would be possible to make fast and slow parts. Such a combine-/past-function for songs would also make it possible to change a drum set during a song. Wouldn’t that be great!

I would love to see the ability to add a ritard to the end of a song. This would be a great feature to add in the new BBM currently being worked on. So many songs have a slow down at the end. Of course there are ways to imitate it but I find these can be hit or miss and it would be nice to have it built in.

I guess the question is, can the BB actually do it if the software told it to?

The short answer is “yes”, the pedal can sort of play tempo changes within a song. The “sort of” means that the visual tempo displayed on the pedal will no longer accurately track the tempo but you will hear the tempo change within the BeatBuddy (BB) while it’s playing.

There are several one-press songs with ritardando and tempo changes built in. Users are able to “time stretch” the MIDI to different tempos. An example is The Beatles album that Phil (not Flood) worked up that contains several songs within a BB one-press.

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Would be great to do this within Beat Buddy. Seems like a no brainer but I am sure it would take quite a bit of effort as we set tempo now on the overall Beat level and not the sections, but would be good to keep on the radar.

Yes, I have done a few of these myself. It would be great if it could be controlled by the BB and in the Manager you could just select a section (eg the last 2 bars of a song) and choose to slow to a certain tempo and have the Manager do it automatically. I don’t know if the BB could support this but it would make life so easy! :slight_smile: