Different time measures in a song

Hi, buddies.

I need to use 2/4 measures in some songs. I am trying to use 4/4 instead, but it can be a pain when the song’s part is an odd number of bars long.

Moreover, sometimes I use several different time measures in one song. Frequently, I insert 2/4 in a 4/4 score, or even 3/4. If 2/4 were supported, I would resolve half of my problems, using 2/4 all song long.

I think you can’t change the measure in one song, let alone in a part, can you? Can you figure out some solution?

Thank you.

P.S. English is a second language for me. I hope you can understand this :slight_smile:

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Ugly solution : modify the time signature to 1/4 in your midi file.

Is it possible to modify signatures? Could I create songs in 2/4?

I did it by using a one-press song but the visual time keeper was off after the short measures

You can have a different time signature by song part. so the intro can be one, the main loop be another, etc.

Once, I had a long loop with two 7/8 measures, so to make it loop properly i had to set it to 66/8 :slight_smile:

Many thanks, aashideacon.

How did you do that? How do you get BeatBuddy to understand that? It remains a mistery to me. You must be a BB Jedi :wink:

one, you have to hold your mouth right. and two use the editor corrctly… if it doesnt’ work i’ll havet to fis it


The two midi editors i use on the mac have issues… Reaper won’t export the time signature most times, and Aria messes up the midi on output, so i’ve had to start up a windows emulator, and set it with some midi editor i found for windows. The built in midi editor in the beta might finally do the trick though

Jeez, man, it may be cheaper to hire a live drummer. I was lost on your first description.

The built-in MIDI editor in the latest version of BB allows you to change the time signature of the MIDI for the components of a part. So, you can do this right in BB.