Diffrent atempt for Aeros/BB setup

Hi guys I have been looking to change the setup of my Aeros/BB to were I can use the Aeros/BB with my pedal board and a mixer so I can separate the outgoing (recorded) BB and loop recorded guitar to a KB3 amp and use the Roland BC-60 as the main instrument out (Play).
This maybe a simple thing for some but I am not an expert in this area so any detailed suggestions are more than welcome along with any questions need to more information.
Pictures are of what we are using.
Thank you

Generally the BB output goes into mixer or directly to the output. There’s no reason to use the guitar input of the BB.

I recommend you not record the BB on the Aeros. Once you do that, you cannot change it, add fills, and the only way you can route that to a different output device would be to use the Left (or Right) channel for BB and the other for your instruments.

Recommend having the Aeros as the midi master for the BB. Lot’s of info in the manual and this forum for setting that up.


Sorry but now I’m not sure what you are referring to as in “the BB output goes into mixer or directly to the output" are you saying the BB goes directly to the KB3 amp?
Maybe a good diagram is needed for my needs. :thinking:


I was suggesting not recording drum and sending that output directly to the kb3 (perhaps via the mixer)

Everything else to the other amp.

(Lame attempt to get text to layout showing midi between Aeros and BB)
` BB → kb3


               | midi


Guitar → Aeros → Roland`

That’s just a good idea, but I guess strictly not necessary. No reason to record BB sound IMHO.

Sounds like you want the Aeros to send recorded sound out the aux output and the live sound out the main output. Checkout the Routing settings on the Aeros.