Digital clipping

Hi, i’m a new user of the Aeros and i’m unfortunately quite disappointed about digital clipping issues. (With my exact same rig and settings i’ve never encounterd that with several other loopers). is there a workaround to avoid that? (except lowering my input signal that’s a no go for me since it’s ok with other loopers)
It is planned to add an option to reduce the input signal in the aeros software? That’s such a shame to have such great options in a product that can’t’properly handle line level signals… :frowning:
I hope that you have a solution because this product could be a great one
cheers to the team

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Hello, yes, this is something we are working on, there is a way to implement dry signal control, we still have not created a UX that allows for managing input signal, we are working on that, the dev team says it is possible.


Thank you! Let’s hope that we can test that in a not too long time in the future :slight_smile:

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Got the same issue… even with a simple boost pedal… :pensive:

We are working on a solution

If there’s an Aeros 2 in the future I think that analog dry through should be a great improvement (not sure if it’s the right place to comment on this but I think that has to be said :slight_smile: