Digital noise problem

Hi folks,
Just had this problem pop up, never heard it before, its a digital data type noise I’m getting when changing songs and whilst drum set is loading and for a few seconds afterwards, i tore my pedalboard apart thinking it was midi leads, bad patch leads, power supplies etc and no joy.
I am also getting it with just headphones and nothing else in pedal
I have tried it on a separate mains in the house.
Also installed earlier firmware and used original SD card.
I downloaded drums with precision, and

[ATTACH=full]3521[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]3522[/ATTACH] Standard pro the other day and had a clean out of workspace.
Here’s two shot of workspace anyone see anything missing?
Thanks for your time

Hi, Ronny. From your description, the noise is just happening on your pedal and not your BeatBuddy Manager, correct? It sounds like you’ve tried everything folks on the forum have suggested for troubleshooting. Does it do this for all drum sets and songs on the pedal? You don’t have a cell phone nearby when this is happening or a fluorescent light perhaps? Only thing I can think of is to verify that you have the power adaptor that came with your pedal (but it seems you’ve already checked that too). If you can’t get rid of the problem, please contact support

BTW, I don’t see anything odd in your workspace so no need to mess with that unless Support suggests doing so.

Hi Persist.
Hmmm. I left if off for an hour and now it’s stopped doing it, which is good, but i recollect it cured itself last night when i was re-patching stuff to troubleshoot, i thought i had fixed it then wired my board up again and then at some point it came back and never went away until now.
Thing is it is on its own with separate PSU (none original as original is US plug) I’m in the UK it’s a One spot. I’ve use various suitable PSUs with same noise.
Also using straight mono out into desk, plus midi isync into Voicelive 3 and PC commands from VL3 midi out
It will probably come back again so will keep you posted
Thanks again for your time. Ronny.

Oh yes and it’s not connect with USB to mac, the usual cause for these noises on gear :o(

Ok it’s back and i thought i’de got it repeatable.
If the noise returns i power cycle the BB the noise stops if i plug in midi Y cable which goes in/out leads to voicelive 3, it’s ok and transmits clock out to VL3 It’s only when i change a programmed on VL3 which send PC to BB then the noise returned when drum set is loading, now i’ve just powered down again and changed program from VL3 and it’s ok , no noise, so its very erratic behaviour.

try plugging the beat buddy pedal into its own power source not into 4 - 5 plug extension


Agree with Tommy. Not sure how you are set up but I had this problem last week at practice when using a shared p/s that doesn’t have isolated outputs. The digital noise was being generated back through the guitar signal chain. Like you I would hear it when a drum set loaded and with other actions on the pedal, though not during playback. Switched to a ps with isolated outs this week for practice and no noise. Not sure from your posts if you have a similar setup but do be sure to isolate the BB from other signal chains as much as possible.

Thanks folks i wish it was that simple but its so random.
Have tried all that, even tried it in another room.
Have just been using it completely isolated except for headphones, fine, left it on for ten mins came back and it a wasp in a bottle again

Have put a support request in

If you’re using any po

If you are using daisy chained power source, it’s probably the source of your noise. Please use the power adaptor that came with the pedal. Let us know if that was the cause.

Given that you already tried the basic tests (i.e. different power supplies and outlets, listening on headphones etc), the next thing I’d recommend checking is the SD card itself with new files. Obtain a new and unused SD card, download the SD Card Backup file from our downloads page (, unzip it, and place its contents (4 folders, 1 file) directly onto the SD card itself. Then place it in the BeatBuddy, and play around with it. Make sure that nothing else is connected to the BeatBuddy, and it’s connected directly into the outlet (i.e. not a shared power source). Run the same tests. Does it continue to happen? If the issue continues I’ll have you send your pedal to me, and I will check it out and then repair/replace it.

Ok folks i have been trying the supplied PSU, still the same, i have just set it up in another room with nothing else insight into a Line 6 stage source cab (in its own outlet ) on its own with one lead out (mono) into a channel on the Line 6 and its still playing up.
Very frustrating indeed.

Hi will defiantly try that now, but if it was the card wouldn’t it be a constant fault?
Also i have tried the original BeatBuddy card with original firmware installed.

Not necessarily. Sometimes the corrupt SD cards (or files) cause erratic behavior, not always in a predictable sense. It is possible that the SD card that came with your BeatBuddy is corrupt, that’s why I am suggesting you put new files on a new card. If this doesn’t solve it, I’ll provide you instructions via email on how to return it for a repair/replacement.

i too had a fault not so long ago
it was solved by formatting the Sd Card and loading on the back-up from the forum

works great again

best to get another sd card and keep updating it as a back up…


No joy I’m afraid still the same and can’t seem to get rid of it at all now

I sent you an email.

Hi have got it replaced by Thormann Europe. :o)