Disable BPM view on long pedal press

Can I disable the bpm view on long pedal press?
I have beat buddy set to start on pedal release and if I hold the pedal down too long to start song I lose the start on release as it goes into bpm view. Then I have to try again faster before it goes into bpm view. I should be able hold that pedal down it it should wait for my foot release to begin, regardless of the seconds it takes me to release my foot.


My original BB actually locks into BPM view, I can’t see anything else like song names etc. I was told the the main board was faulty but of course, out of warranty.

Please support this so we can have an update:

I’ve submitted a request for engagement aka RFE and discussed the situation. If I recall correctly they understood my request and would review.

I hope others using start song on release agree you should be able to hold your foot on pedal regardless of amount of time and song should start when finally released. Not to worry you’re holding the pedal down too long and may lose the start as expected. Live situations you don’t want such risk.

I just received my BB a few weeks ago…

Since doing a couple of live gigs this feature would be a huge benefit. I love the “start beat on release” feature but have been caught a few times having the BB go to tap BPM mode. If the delay time between holding the pedal down and going to BPM could be significantly increased or configurable (configurable not so much a requirement but nice).

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Hello support are you following this thread for a possible enhancement?

I changed the category to a Feature Requests and removed the Under Consideration tag as there was no supporting dialog from Singular Sound. If I have acted too hastily, I’m sure @BrennanSingularSound will correct and update this thread.

Hey there, we will look into this! Thanks

If it messed you up at live gigs I’d say it’s more than nice to have. I’d like bb support to know the correction is needed.

I’m hesitant and worried to use release to start at live gigs. I’m hoping for the correction ASAP.

It is currently #in-progress!