Disable outro fill??

Hi Guys,
I haven’t had my beat buddy too long only a few weeks. I have version 1.2.9.
Could some one please direct me to instructions on how to disable the outro fill.?
I’ve tried using the double foot switch tap hitting both buttons cymbal and pause to finish, which is effective. But then to access the song folder I have to still triple tap on the main pedal which creates a partial drum sound through the PA.
If there is no way to dis able the outro I’m thinking of putting an A/B switch in after the Beat Buddy to mute its output to change songs…Not the best way to go about it.
Sorry if this has been resolved else where in the forum and I just can’t find it.
Thanks in advance for anyones help;-]

Hard disabling outro is not supported currently.
You can pause the song instead, then end the song with pedal hold. This trick will help you end the song abruptly, without an outro fill.

You can also use BBManager to erase outro from chosen songs forever, if you feel you no longer need them.

Thank you for that info;-]