Disable parts on 6X6 mode

I was thinking when I was playing today in 6X6 mode
I use always 4 parts and switch between this 4 parts, but accidentally I press the “next part”
and this put me into a recording (that I could disable)

So I was thinking that maybe if possible, have a function in the settings of the song
that you can disable the numbers of parts that you don’t want to use
Somethink like I choose for a 6X6 song with part 1-2-3-4 , in this case when I press “next part” on part 4 he go to Part 1 .

That could be a solution who wants a 3X6 or 4X6 or 5X6 too ,or if just using 3 parts can be used as 3X3 or 4X4…

It’s just an idea !


Yes that is a dam good idea. Maybe the same with tracks. I always want more than 2x2 but never 6 tracks and 6 parts


That’s very very good thinking!!!

For me the reason, to skip the 6x6 mode, using 2x2 and using overdub
And that’s not ideal, because you can not edit.

That’s a must update!


I like that idea too.

Perfect idea and my guess, an easy change for Singular?

I agree. 2x2 is great for simple songs, but sometimes I need a 3x3, 4x4 and so on. This is a really good idea! It’s got my vote!