Disappointed with BB preset defaults, how to make own beats?

Hi, got bb a month ago, thought with the 200 songs it’ll work well, not the case, there are useless - so i bought for about $80.00 worth of songs and those one are fine.

how to make your own beats? I mean for somebody like me who does not anything about midi stuff, did not go to MIT… cannot find any videos which teach the process from start to finish in a simple language?

I sent email to support with same question above and no answer… so much for tech support. machine is a good one for sure but as most pedal either you need to be a geek (nothing wrong about being one, btw) or spend a fortune in premium content.

hope to get some help to have this thing working.


Try the new v2 drum sets and beats.

If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll have to learn how to make your own. The best method is to use a DAW and there are several helpful tutorials on this forum.

v2drum and DAW, i don’t know that it is.

Hello! You don’t need to be a wizard to get things done with the BB. What kind of beats are you interested in? There is a whole bunch of user generate content covering quite a few songs. I don’t have the link handy but it is out there…

Search the forum for “acronyms”

Hi Disciple,
Hi somewhat agree with you. The canned beats are only good in a pinch if you have nothing else. The fills are completely ridiculous… the last quarter of the measure is okay, but if you press for a full measure… you better joke with your crowd!
I bought the BB based on what it could do… meaning that you could have different beats for different parts of songs which was different than any drum machine I’d owned up to that point. I knew absolutely nothing about MIDI or how to use it, but once I got my head around it, it’s actually fairly easy to navigate. It still takes me about 3 solid hours to create a beat for songs, but I’m way too OCD and a bit of a perfectionist, so I try to make the beat sound exactly like the original. I find that the more it mimics the original song, the more I get into the music when I play. The problem I have now is that I don’t share anything in the forum like I used to. I used to upload all my work, then they lost everything due to server crash or something… no backups (???I know right!!!) and now everybody is creating One Press Beats (OPB) which I think completely negates the whole point of the pedal. Anyhow, short story long… the pedal has completely transformed my sound, but it’s due to the hours I put in programming my beats. The drawback is that I don’t actually learn songs anymore because I’m always reading my notations to help me navigate the drum beats. I find it worth it though when you see people dancing their asses off to a guitar and a drum pedal. Hang in there… if you stick with it (and don’t rely on the premium content… it sucks)… I think you’ll like it!

I find making my own beats is to start with a measure. Get a basic 1-2-3-4 drum beat on the bass drum and snare and build from there. Another method is I found drum sheet music which is a help too. The thing with creating a drum loop, you have to think more of a drummer then a guitar or keyboardist. I found this site:

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Sorry guys for the dumb question could some explain simply to me step by step what I need and how to make my own beats. thanks Phil

If you want to make just your own drum patterns, check out Groovescribe. It’s a very compact writer program, that lets you save the file as midi. Once you have the midi file, you can use Beat Buddy Manager to create a song, and then copy an paste you part from Groovescribe into BBM.

If you want to create beats for cover songs, often the easiest thing to do is to find a midi file for that song, and then strip out everything except the drums. Again, then save that as a new midi file. To do that, though, you would need a decent midi editing program.

Beyond that search the forum for Tutorial" and you will find several step by step descriptions.