Having just got my BeatBuddy I am very disappointed with both the quality of the product and customer service.First it takes so long to load a drum set you could not use it in a live situation. Second the display keeps going to headphone volume. I have emailed the company twice with no response. After searching the forum I have found that many problems can be traced to the type of memory card provided with the pedal.
Now if this is a know problem why would the company keep using these cards? I can see that this pedal could be a great addition once the bugs are worked out. Till then I am returning this to the place of purchase until these problems are addressed and or someone else come out with a similar product.

I am really sorry if you feel this way. Yes, currently Singular Sound is a really small team (I’d say even a tiny one!), and it could take them some time to get all questions and requests answered. That’s why these forums are in place.

If this is still of any importance to you, in order to fix the headphones volume bug, you need to keep the headphones volume as high as possible, just set it to the max, and you won’t ever see this issue coming up for you.

Odd that we see all these videos of people using the BB just fine in live situations. It takes about 10 seconds to load a drum set. I don’t know any live drummers that can set up their kit in less time than that.

Mine takes over a minute to load drums that is a long time on stage. I don’t know how much stage experience you have
but a minute of dead space is an eternity on stage. If mine took ten seconds to load no problem.

sounds like a bad card, try another faster type?

This is not about the class type. Mine shipped SD card shows up to 14 seconds of absolute maximum loading time.

Just thought you should know Bass man of Funk
I got my beat buddy on Feb 19th, 2015. The volume outputs would not work. Although, I could use the pedal if I used the headphone output. When I used the bb, I was very impressed with the capability and it had very professional sounding kits. (I had the bb plugged into it’s own channel on my pa).
I tried to e-mail support numerous times and finally got them to respond. I even posted on David Ps facebook page for help. I tried all the quick fixes i.e. new cables, new sd card, ect. that were offered from support and the forum. The new sd card did allow the drumkits to download quicker., (but my problem was still present). So,I sent it back. It could not be delivered to the address that was given. I got the broken bb back.
Then I sent it out again. Total cost $32 dollars for shipping twice. it was delivered this time. I was told on March 14th or 15th that i was getting a new replacement and I would get a confirmation e-mail and tracking number within 3 to 4 days. As of today, I still have not heard from anybody on my shipping tracking number ect ect. I have 3 e-mails still waiting to be read and answered. I have again posted on David Ps face book page as of 3-20-2015.
I feel your pain. Also I see that Sweetwater music, musicians friend, and wwbw have the bb for $299. I paid $349 on the beat buddy website,. Plus the $32 to send it back twice. Why the extra $50. dollars?
I just thought that this would ease your pain a little, because I’m still trying to get my problem solved a month later!

Standard card types should be fine I agree, but a class 10 card is noticeably faster to access than the shipped SD card I had, it may also have some damaged sections in the card causing it to fail and retry a load…it won’t hurt to buy a new card, they are not expensive and give it a go.

@Bass Man of Funk –

This is possibly a mixture of issues, one related to the SD card itself and the other related to your firmware version. Just to ensure that we kill two birds with one stone please follow the instructions below:

1.Obtain a NEW and unused SD card. (this is to ensure that we take care of the “possibly defective SD card issue”)

  1. Download the ‘SD Card Backup’ file from http://mybeatbuddy.com/downloads/

  2. Unzip all the content, and put the extracted files onto the clean SD card. In the SD card you should now see 5 folders - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS, SONGS and MIDI loops - content 1.2. (If you do not have an unzipping program, you may download a free one here: http://www.7-zip.org/)

  3. Download the NEW firmware from https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqxsjnxrtlwsa0c/HW2xx_FW128.rar?dl=0

  4. Extract it onto an SD card together with the content. In the root of SD card you should now see 6 new files added.

  5. Insert the SD card into the BeatBuddy, and then connect the power supply to the unit so that it turns on. [IMPORTANT: While your BeatBuddy is updating its firmware, do NOT unplug the power supply from the unit.]

  6. The firmware will update itself, and once it is finished, your BeatBuddy should be fully functional.

Hi, I just followed above instruction for my new clean SD-Card. I only see 4 folders. I miss the MIDI loops - content 1.2.
There is also a single BCF file called “HASH” (don’t know what that is) 8-|
Did I miss something?? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If you are sure you’ve got those four content folders from the downloaded archive, your SD card is ready to be used with your BeatBuddy pedal.
HASH.BCF file is used for synchronizing project and is not necessary for the pedal to work.

I instantly changed to a high end 32 gig SD card ,
knowing full well the limitations of 4gig wouldn’t last long …
with all the new tunes submitted …I’m continually reloading to make room …
quality of the issued 4gig … is the least of BBuddy’s issues! IMO :wink:

Hi Again, I followed the above procedure (I believe). Extracted the 4 folders to my new card (8gb, class10) and downloaded the new firmware from above link.
Got 5 files, app, app.bin, boot.bin, mlo, mlo.bin and extracted them to the card. When I put it into the BB it “updated firmware” and ended up
with a display saying:
Time sig. -/-
(+ vol. and tempo at the bottom)
My “old” card still works perfectly.
Hope you can guide me further, as would like to have a backup card with me on gigs. I am already addicted to the BB :slight_smile:
cheers, Bjarne

Something is wrong with that four folders contents on your new SD card then.

Just copy all the folders from your old SD card (that you say still works for you) to your new one.
You can easily do it by copying them to somewhere on your computer first (like to the desktop) from an old SD card, then change SD cards, and proceed copying the folders to you new one.

Thanks a lot, “Daefecator” :slight_smile: That worked so now I got 2 fully functional cards (one a bit faster than the other).
All the best,
Bjarne, Denmark