I’m getting blocked by this message whenever I try to Synchronise Project:

“Unable to delete /Volumes/BB1/EFFECTS/config.csv”

I am on a strict time limit to get my set running so would appreciate help here :slight_smile:



Which version of the BBM are you using?
Save your project and then try to export the project to your SD card.

I’ve saved the project & tried to Export to SD Card but it asks if I want to use the same location (BB1) as the destination. Should I?


'cos if I say yes, it tells me the original project will be overwritten.

Yes. As long as your project in the BBM is what you want on your pedal

Unable to delete /Volumes/BB1/BB02.11.16.bbp

Any further ideas?


Hmm. Sorry you’re having issues.

  • make sure your SD card is not locked or partially locked
  • save your project in BBM and then quit BBM; reopen BBM
  • since this is time sensitive and if this were me, I’d delete the contents of the SD card (do not format the SD card)
    • reinstall the firmware
    • try exporting the project using BBM to your SD card
    • unplug pedal; insert SD card; plug in pedal and allow firmware to complete the update
    This should work but if it doesn’t, try a new SD card if you have one handy; if you don’t, you can reformat the SD card but this may cause more problems

Also, you may still continue to have sync problems. If so, please start a Conversation with me and I’ll try to help.

This would be the first thing to check. @ianjgow Take the SD card out of your computer, and make sure that the little switch is away from ‘locked’.

Well, bugger me! Never even noticed the little sucker…
Panic over but time presses on.
Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:


That’s tripped me up more than once.