Disco 70 Beats

Hi All !
I have recently bought the BeatBuddy and I’m trying to learn and play with it.
I’m a keyboard player and i play manual bass with left hand, piano/rhodes with right hand.
I’m searching for dance and disco beats to play songs of :
-Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Cheryl Lynn, Brand New Heavies,Jamiroquai.
Could you help me to find something?
Do you have any link to suggest?
Many thanks to all
Have a nice day

Welcome. I would suggest you post song title requests in the Beat Requests section of the forum. Works best when you make 1 song per request. State that you are looking for just the drums track of the song. Users will probably try to honor your requests with drums one-press (DOP) renditions.

Thanks Persist !
I will put the same request in the "Other beats" section because Dance /Disco is not present as category.
I’m not searching for a particular song but for beat suitable for this kind of music