Discreet click track during live performance?

Considering the purchase of Aeros for live use and wanting to clarify what I think is the case concerning the click track feature. My intention would be to sync the aeros tempo to another master device via midi clock and use the aux out for headphones in order to keep click track from being heard by the audience. From what I’ve read it appears that this would be possible by using the aux out but I would have to power the headphones? would I hear all audio occurring at the inputs of the aeros including the click track?

Yes, that is possible. In Settings you can choose different route options. I’m using it with the click track only going throught the Aux Out. So, in my headphones I have the click track and all the loop tracks, and in the Main Out I only have the Loop Tracks, so the click track is only in the headphones. And no, you don’t need to power the headphones.

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Thanks so much for answering, sounds perfect

Yeah I heard that you needed to power the headphones so you can hear your loops in the headphones? Can you also hear your live playing? Thanks

You don’t need a headphones amp to actually hear sound coming from the Aux Out. I use the Aux Out all the time with my headphones.
In my case, I have everything routed to the Aux Out as a monitor (Aux In, Main In, Loops).

ok awesome, thanks for that - I already have a powerplay 2 from behringer which i just found is a headphone amp and was coming here to say that and found your comment so, not needed