Disengage AEROS from BB

I’m sure it’s mentioned already but being able to have the ability to quickly un-sync the Aeros from the BeatBuddy would be a handy feature to have. We have songs in our set that don’t use the Aeros but just use the BB but having to go turn off the sync is a real pain otherwise the Aeros will start recording. Perhaps a way to have a quick disengage option?


It’s a thought, we can look into it

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Quick question, out of curiosity, do you use freeform after using the BB or do you stick to quantized mode?

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Normally I will be in quantized mode.

Or another thought, how about when the Aeros is at the menu screen that it doesn’t record unless you’re in the Loop Studio or a Song? If I’m at the menu and start the BB the Aeros will still record in the background so just disable it so you either have to be in the Loop Studio or Song mode for it to start recording. It is not practical on stage to be going into the menu and changing the Record/Playback or the BB to turn the sync off.


Precisely why I’m not using the Aeros although I own one.

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Yeah, in my opinion there should be a quick way to tell it not to start recording when the BB is started. As I said, we don’t use the looper on every song on our list and it’s frustrating having to go into the menu and turn things off or pull the MIDI cable out just to tell it not to start looping.

Hey @BrennanSingularSound. I just wanted to see if this has been noted and if it’s something that will be looked at. I see it as pretty important. I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses the Aeros & BB but have certain songs where there is no need to loop. It’s too much messing around to go in and un-sync it whilst on stage.

It has been and we are aware of the issue, we are mocking up the error message for the mismatch first. A way to engage/disengage is still not mocked up, but will hopefully be ready soon so we can start dev on it. Eventually we may also add a MIDI command to do this.

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This sounds like you will add another action/feature to disable midi triggers?

Why not make this be built into some screen where the user has no expectation that midi will (or RPO footswitches) will work. The home screen is a great candidate as well as the song selection screen.

P.S. This is a duplicate of an older thread…

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Yeah I thought if you go to the home screen it would be perfect just to have it not react to the BB at all. Much easier than having to select an option.

And yes sorry, it probably has been mentioned in another thread, I just thought it was a pretty important feature.


Fully agree, this is the most intuitive and logical thing to happen.

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TBH unless you’re in a song, the Aeros shouldn’t start recording at all, so the rule should be all the way around, instead of specifying screens where the Aeros will not record, it should only record when you’re inside a song.

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That seems right although there’s a good case for midi to work on the mixer and perhaps song selection screens (scroll to next song but don’t select it, end current song via BB, start selected song).

Somewhat related to this, I was surprised that Play/Stop All works in so many places. Useful once you realize it, but odd for an action to occur without seeing its effect on screen.

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That’s the idea, probably a touchable button on screen in the loop studio, making it easy to get to, we are also going to place the MIDI START responsiveness settings there, so you can easily set the Aeros to either Record and/or playback or neither when receiving the MIDI Start command. We’re going to move things around a little to make room.


I rather like having it available in the Mixer screen. The button also makes for quick navigation to the Loop Studio screen from the menu screen.

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Please make it so we can get to this “midi park” feature via footswitch (and back out of that). On-screen buttons are great for discoverability, but they cannot be used easily while playing.

For example, I often want the BB to switch to the next part without changing the Aeros to the next part … while I’m playing. But earlier/later in the song I really want the Aeros to be triggered by the BB (especially when recording the part).

That’s why I like to bundle this feature with some existing “place” in the UI (that presumably will have a way to access this via footswitch). We’re already adding the ability to navigate home via footswitch, right? It’s a two-for-one FUI action that keeps the UI simpler.

Me too. I think the screens where there is no indication that a loop started recording/playing are the surprising ones .

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There are probably a few variations needed, but at a minimum:

  • Ignore all midi commands including clock
  • Ignore all midi commands (and use clock).
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We plan on looking into independent control of turning On/Off clock and CC/PC/etc


Excellent. IMHO most of the time the disable of the clock is something that would vary song to song (and perhaps could be a global setting). PC/CC/etc commands are something I’d want to turn on/off during a single song (and handsfree while performing).

Awesome. Hopefully it will be easy to switch on and off without too much ‘menu’ play. Thanks mate!