Disengage AEROS from BB

I found a cheap MIDI Kill Switch for $20 which allows me to quickly turn off the MIDI communication between various MIDI products when using the MIDI Maestro to manage BeatBuddy and AEROS. I sometimes do not want BeatBuddy and Aeros to trigger each other. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but it may help until they implement a solution within Aeros and BeatBuddy. Here’s the link to the MIDI Kill Switch:



Thanks for that. It is interesting but probably needs a switch you can step on. There just needs to be an easy disengage where you’re not having to bend down on stage, enter the menu and turn the sync off of unplug the damn cables. That is not practical as a performer at all.

Thanks for the heads up on this though. :+1:

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Come on guys, just do it. please? Perhaps on the mixer screen. Can’t you knock this out in a day?

Pretty sure this is one request that cannot be solved by a Midi command! :wink:


@Quad is right… The functionality is even already there sufficient to make this work well enough to get everybody what they want with only a UI update… The “start recording on midi start” toggle in the setting being available on the song screen would be perfect…

With that off, there would be no recording start… So the Aeros does nothing if we don’t touch it. Even better, it’s there ready in sync if you want to do a bit of looping in the middle of a song.


Finally - a Midi footswitch for $30.

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@BrennanSingularSound Any further updates on this request? I haven’t seen anything mentioned anywhere?

@BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz Guys how come no one wants to answer? Can someone please tell me whether an option to easily disengage MIDI sync with the BB (without going into menus or pulling cables) will be implemented or is even being considered? As a live performer this is really important because not every song is going to use looping from the first beat!

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The best idea I saw on the forum (can’t remember who made it) on this was to have aeros ignore midi when it’s on the home page rather than in the loop studio. That seems perfect: if I couldn’t manually start a recording with a button in a page, then why should a midi recording start? You’d think that would be a morning’s work for one of the developers.

Singular have, unfortunately, completely ignored it over about 3 updates since that suggestion.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. While they’ve made a good product, they aren’t big on catching the low hanging fruit.

Edit: just read back in this thread… They person who suggested the above idea was you. Ha ha. Silly me. It’s still an excellent idea. It’s very disappointing that they haven’t done something, anything, about such an easy problem (jeez Singular, give me access to the source code, I’ll write the damned patch myself)


Yes, that was me in this topic about having it disengaged when at the home screen. It seems the most logical place. I don’t understand why I have been ignored on this. I know there are others that see this as a logical option for the Aeros. Not every song is going to use loop when connected to the BB so it has to be easily accessed to disengage when on stage!

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You’re absolutely correct. What I don’t understand is that it seems relatively simple to do. Even if they are planning an overhaul of the UI, a quick fix for now could have been implemented and rolled into one of the recent updates.

I think they’re plagued by that old aphorism, “Perfect is the enemy of good”. Everything seems to require a complete redesign to implement. I can only assume they’ve got a horrific code base, and are desperately trying to untangle it while at the same time adding features.

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Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I noticed on my setup that since 3.3 was released, when I first turn on my Aeros and it lands on the home page, I can use my BB without the Aeros starting a recording or song. The reason is that no song is selected in the song list (in previous FW versions, the last song played was selected by default). Once I’ve used the Areos though, that’s no longer the case (going back onto the home page and starting BB brings up the last played song).

My point is that if there’s a way to have Aeros not default to a selected song while on the home page (or “deselect” the last song when switching to the home page), then this seems like a do-able option for the programmers. Hopefully we’ll have this feature (or “Park”) soon.

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Sorry I must have missed your notification, I have answered this in many places but I will post my reply here.

Yes, this is something we are actively thinking on how to implement. One thought on how to do this we like very much is the changing of BB and Aeros behavior via filtering templates, similar to what is proposed here.

This is a simple premise, we could probably include this in the next release or the one following.

You know what they say about assuming :wink: We have hundreds of impassioned users each with their idea of what makes this looper usable, while we understand it takes us time to do certain things, even “simple” tasks take time and must fit into our plan (which changes according to the forum temperature). That being said, I don’t think there’s any basis in attacking our code, certain expectations change and that can cause us to rethink things often. I commend our team for having the steam to take on these tasks in order to make you all happy! Just food for thought.

I think an option to filter MIDI from the menu is quite doable, but we are currently looking at saving/polish issues that supersede this issue, it’s possible we can fit this in in our 2 planned releases for memory improvements. We promise MIDI is very close in our sights, we are working constantly to get this looper to its furthest point.

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I certainly don’t want to get into an argument. Certainly, as you say, I haven’t seen your code base and so I can only assume. However, my opinion is not based on nothing. Firstly, pretty much every request that comes up, even the ones that people experienced in the industry would expect to be trivial, you categorise as “more complicated than you imagine”. That’s often a sign that code is not modular, and so every change has so many knock on effects that the simple becomes hard. If that analysis is true, then one might also expect every feature (midi support for example) is such a hard slog for you guys. Secondly, I’m an embedded engineer for a living, and regularly so code review and system architecture design, so I’m not just taking out of my arse.

My final bit of evidence is from over in another thread…

It’s a different product, I grant you, but it’s not unreasonable for me to imagine the aeros has as much spaghetti as BeatBuddy.

Now, I don’t mean any of that as accusation. These situations are incredibly common, and so easy to get into. Especially with cutting edge projects where everything is new territory. The mythical man month tells us that we should plan to make at least two iterations, we will anyway.

Line 6 publicly talked about why it took so long for them to do a recent release that had relatively few new features: it was because they knew they had built up massive technical debt and were trying to maintain multiple products from multiple code bases that were gradually diverging. They took a step back and made the hard decision to disappoint users then to make a better product in the future. And good on them.

So: am I assuming a lot? Yes of course. And I’ll happily accept that I don’t know anything about the actual code. It’s easy to sound aggressive in text forums, and I don’t mean that at all. Quite the reverse, I am understanding. But I’m also a realist, I don’t think pretending that everything is hunky dory makes it so.

Apologies if I upset you or the devs. Not intentional. This is the only manufacturer forum I post on, at all, ever. That’s because I am excited for what aeros could be (and already is to be honest. Aeros is already nigh feature compete for my use, I’m on wishlist now). I’m only here spouting because I care.

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I won’t assume the code is spaghetti. I really hope not and, for the most part, released features work as intended and the Aeros has received some significant updates.

I am of the opinion that those features which get chosen as tasks have more to do with how the feature fits into the SS ecosystem between BB, Maestro and Aeros, not because they are easy or they are hard. If anything, I wish the mantra could now be to decouple the decisions in Aeros from the decisions in Maestro or BB. This hit home when I saw that the MIDI implemented in Aeros was only what was necessary to fulfill the initial idea of how Maestro, BB and Aeros will all work together. To me, that’s MIDI through a pinhole.

I realize I just gave this thread title a double meaning. :upside_down_face:

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Hi @BrennanSingularSound. Sorry I hadn’t seen anything in other threads because you had been conversing in this one. All good. The other thread I see mentions a MIDI ignore/disengage option as well so hopefully it is being looked at. I still believe being able to disengage the MIDI sync between the BB and Aeros easily is of high importance as a performer. I still like the idea of the Home Screen having no MIDI sync. On stage it must be easy to access.

Thanks for the response and hopefully something will come to fruition soon.

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Hey must have missed this notification, that is ok, I am only defending our code :slight_smile: We take no offense!

The BBM is its own story and that is a very old, painful mistake we plan to fix wholly with an entirely revamped version. Like said in a related post, we are still trying to de-spaghettify that 1.x.x version, but we are investing a lot of time and design hours to getting 2.0.0 to you all ASAP.

It is important to us! As evidenced by adding the park feature’s first iteration in latest firmware! We hope to soon have a much more robust way of dealing with BB+Aeros ‘ Bi-directional’ behavior.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks Brennan. This is a major improvement for me. Awesome stuff!

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Glad to hear it!

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Better late than never!

5.0.x can do this :slight_smile:

Just use the Slideout menu to change the Aeros from Receiver to Transmitter, this will stop the Aeros from responding to incoming clock

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