Display documentation on footswitch label "touch"

The footswitch label describes the single tap behavior. This feature is to display documentation on the other types of actions that can be used on this button (e.g., hold, double tap, etc.) when the user touches the label.

I don’t believe we’ll be going this route, too much real estate on the screen as is, with more to come soon.

How does this use more screen real-estate?

The nothing is displayed until you tap the label (which is already displayed).

Even so, we have other UX changing features coming down the line we need to design first, then we could look into this, and how it would look, in the case we go this direction. This is not a high priority because all of the behavior is enumerated in the manual, and the only functions not shown are mixer, mute and undo/redo.

Definitely lower priority.

Yes, none of the double press and hold actions are “shown”. These are the ones that will be hardest for new users to remember.