Display of loop start is shifted

This is a minor cosmetic issue. Look closely at the later loops in the attached photo. They are shifted by a tiny amount. The display issue goes away (I think when you stop and then start?)

P.S. Note the disconnected midi cable very likely unrelated to this issue and a very poor method to keep the BB from affecting the aeros. Seems like a 1/2 story point thing. Please sneak this in.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the refresh rate. Or something similar. Just guessing here

Might be a display issue, but it’s not an artifact of refresh rate. The lines that are in sync with each other are related to when they were recorded (versus other actions).

I noticed this again last night. Assume it’s the same issue.

The red bar is offset on the second track, but it looks like the start of the audio is aligned visually (and did not notice anything off in the sound but who knows).

One thing I did which might be related was to changed the mute setting from immediate to loop. Probably unrelated.

I also think I cleared the track and re-recorded it.