Distorted thru computer

Why does the BB manager sound distorted thru my computer speaker monitors?

This must not normally be the case, but check your sound card properties. More specifically, it is possible (for example) to have Realtek Sound Manager to add effects to output sounds. Do other apps sound properly?

All other programs sound fine, just the sounds on the BB manager.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about what is happening that you encounter. If you could record a video of the problem, it would be of an enormous help to the developers to try and fix that.

As a last question - what happens if you try to play using another drumset? Is it possible that your speakers are very loud, so it’s actually your speaker distortion you are talking about?

I’m having the same issue. All audio on my computer is fine with the exception of the BB Manager. The beat is not on rhythm, the will jump into rhythm, and sounds like an AM radio. If you’d like to see video where should I send it?

A youtube video would be the best for developers to see and fix, if you be so pleased.

Thanks for reporting that! All bugs should be fixed prior to the release of the Mac version :slight_smile:

What are the specs of the PC you are using and CPU & OS?

I am using Windows 7 with an alienware computer. Actually my Dell computer does the same thing.

This is really weird. Without seeing a video, I can’t do much aside from general (an most likely, meaningless) words.

Are you sure the sound you are hearing is actually distorted, couldn’t that be the drums actually sound as intended? Does your hardware BeatBuddy sound like that as well?

As far as I know, hardware BeatBuddy and manager software use totally different algorithms to output audio. So even if there is an error in the software (and at this point I am not sure there is), hardware unit will be free from it.

Hum - same problem here.
Addictive drums, Sonar X3, Session Drummer3 play fine.
M-audio Delta sound card, KRK VXT6 monitors, Windows 7 Intel 7i 3.40Ghz, 8 GB ram 64 bit OS

Solved one of 2 two computer distortion problems. One problem was the DFX sound add-on enhancement program. The other I suspect is the m-audio interface.

No sound/distorted sound BB Manager

The problem is this: I hit play on any of the beats or fills in the BB software and I get nothing but low volume static and some slight stutter for sound. I see some other people have complained about the same thing. This is useless if I can’t hear samples and be able to manipulate them. Vista 32 BIT Windows.

Re: No sound/distorted sound BB Manager

Same problem here. I hit play and it plays stuttered beats. Can’t tell what’s being played. Windows Vista 32.

Anyone experiencing this issue:

Please post a youtube video if possible. A short video taken with your smartphone is fine.

Also please list all of your computer specs (operating system, sound card, etc.)

Video of BeatBuddy playing in Windows Vista 32. (Details in video More Info section)

http://youtu.be/q2_A8yR9X-A <-- LINK

(Edited to correct youtube tag. Thanks, Psalm40!)

Yours sounds a bit better than mine. :frowning:


Same thing happening with me…

Windows Vista… 32 and 64bit thru Speaker (Conexant High Definition Audio)

Looks like the problem may be exclusive to Windows Vista. I personally have a pretty negative experience using it.
Windows XP was great, and now I use Windows 7 which is excellent to my taste. I’ve never experienced this issue.

This should be looked into. By the way, can’t it be somehow related with your project files? Like try download another version of a project, and open it via BBManager.

When making videos please make sure you record at least 5-6 seconds of NORMAL audio from any other source on your computer. Like please run a WinAmp with some of your favorite song.
Otherwise it is pretty difficult to sort overall Windows sound system failures from BBManager problems.


As I have mentioned in my videos, the manager software is quite resource intensive.
When it is playing could you check in Task Manager to see the CPU utilisation
(Right click on task bar then choose task manager). My CPU on my dual core (2.9ghz) XP machine gets maxed out when the BeatBuddy is playing and only utilises one core. My 3ghz quad uses 25% CPU.

As for the YouTube tag I noticed this and looked at David Packouz’ BB manager announcement.
The way to make them work is to drop the “http://youtu.be/

Definitely not just a Vista problem – I use Win 7! CPU usage 12-13%
Tried using the download backup, same problem. Tried own midi files - same problem.
However the pedal through amp is fine.