Ditto X4 midi issue

I’ve just purchased a Ditto X4 and I’m working through midi with the BeatBuddy. The one issue I’m having is that when I start the BB it begins playing the last loop I recorded. I went into the BB midi out settings and disabled the start command but it didn’t make a difference. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anyone having the same issue??

For me this setting works out fine. Just checked whether it responded correctly with Start at Intro respectively Start at Main Beat and both work for me too. Make sure to have the midi channel on 4 in BB setting for the X4.
Both units on the latest firmware.
My main issue with the X4 is that external midi command from my POD HD500 floorboard experiences unacceptable delay in the X4 ……but that is another forum

Thanks for the reply Paul. I opted to sell the X4 anyway and recently purchased a VoiceLive 3 which works great with the BB.