Djembe for Acoustic Guitar

I just got my pedal and it’s great. I play solo acoustic shows and I’d like something very mellow and with not too much piecing high end type sounds. Does anyone know if there’s a Djembe kit available, possibly with a touch of reverb added.

I don’t think that kit’s available here on the forum. Perhaps it’s something that Phil Flood might be willing to try to put together.

I can see what I have for djembe tones. There is a nice CAJON kit that might fit your needs. For some reason my autocorrect always capitalizes that.

There are also a bunch of Bodrhans kits posted. Those are in a message, IIRC and not in the Resources section. For the Djembe, do you want just Djembe, or would you want other stuff too, like tambourine, handclaps, side stick? I found a nice set of djembe sounds I collected 8 years ago.

Hi the Ben Cajon is nice but still too much. I was thinking Djembe only since I have played acoustic duo gigs with one and it added a nice full bass sound and isn’t too obvious. I feel like for solo acoustic shows we need something with low end that doesn’t stand out too much…

Ok. I’ll keep it to just the djembe sounds. I’ll post to this thread when it’s ready.

Thank you so much! Would love to hear from anyone else that is doing solo acoustic gigs as well…

Posted to Resources. Let me know how it works for you. The samples are normalized at 80%, so you may need to turn the pedal volume down.

I made copies of some of the kits and simply removed the hi-hats. Sounds less busy and better for acoustic.