Do not restart song after the Outro of the BB


My BB is the master of my Aeros.
When the Outro has run on the BB, the Aeros stops all tracks, that’s perfect, but… When I want to do something else, I do a long press the top-left button on the Aeros in order to Clear All tracks, and this action restarts the song for a short while (like if I wanted to really restart it thanks to a single press).

At home it is ok, but in a live session this will be very bad :frowning:

Please could you tell me how to use the “Clear All” option without shortly restarting the song !?

Thanks !


Use the Handsfree menu
There is a “Clear song” normal it doens’t make any sound
You can edit the handfree menu into the settings

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Thanks !!! I’ll try to set up my aeros this way ! :slight_smile:

You can also change the Play/Stop All Button setting to “Release”.

This should be the default, but we’ve lost that battle. Nobody would ever figure out that setting gets rid of the short playback sound when clearing the song.

Play/Stop All Button: Sets whether Play/Stop All Button responds to the press or the release of the button.

● Press: Play/Stop All responds to commands as soon as you press the button, which makes it more immediate, but will cause a small amount of sound to be played when holding it down while stopped to clear a song.*

● Release: Play/Stop All responds to commands as soon as you release the button.

This option has solved my problem, thanks a lot !!!

Another soul saved from the hell of a badly named setting and a poor choice of default. Take pity on the souls doomed to stop button playback burp.

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