Do you need a midi cable to edit drum loops and midi files?

I’ve ordered a Beatbuddy and while I’m waiting for it I’m trying to work out if I really need to order a midi cable. I use Logic Pro to record my guitar but I’d normally just write the drum parts myself. If I want to edit midi files in the Beatbuddy to I just import the file via USB to Logic, edit and then export it back essentially all without a midi cable?

If I want to use a drum loop from Beatbuddy in Logic can’t I just import it via USB? Or does that mean it won’t line up with the grid or know where the bars are and therefore it needs a midi cable to some how synchronise.

Sorry if that all sounds confusing - I am actually confused because I haven’t used a Beatbuddy before - but I’m trying to workout what hardware I need and whether I need to order a cable.

I don’t need it to synchronise with a looper at the moment - I don’t own one. I do have a midi controller keyboard - not sure if that’s even relevant. Sometimes I don’t even use it to write drum parts in Logic at all. Although occasionally I’ll use it to write bass lines - but normally I just a play a real bass and record that.

Typical and recommended usage is that you use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software to edit and sync beats and kits to and from the SD card, and avoid using the USB cable. It’s my understanding that you can’t use a midi cable to sync content to and from the Beatbuddy.

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OK my SD card reader is connected via USB - so I guess we are talking about the same thing. Basically you don’t need a midi cable to import a midi file from the SD card - subsequently edit it in a DAW and then export it back to the SD card. Is that right?

So the only advantage of the midi cable is to talk to things like loopers and maybe when you are syncing live performances using midi. Also I guess to record in real time the beatbuddy to a midi track? but you could import the files as loops and construct the same midi track without doing it on the fly so to speak?

Yes I think we’re on the same wavelength. This is what I do:

  1. Eject the SD card from the BeatBuddy
  2. Insert SD into PC card reader
  3. Sync with BBM project
  4. Export midi files
  5. Edit midi files in DAW
  6. Import midi files to songs in BBM
  7. Sync to SD card
  8. Eject SD card from reader
  9. Put back in BB

So yes, you can edit the midi files in a separate application, but also you can configure the BB to send note data over midi so you could connect the midi cable and record the output in the DAW. I do not think midi is sent over USB but then again I have not tried it.

I agree midi would not be sent on the fly using USB.

So do you have a midi cable? Do I need one? It doesn’t exactly sound like it unless I want to record the timing of the beatbuddy on the fly. The sounds of the kits wouldn’t end up in my DAW I gather they are samples. It’d just be the non quantised timing of the midi notes as spat out on the fly by the beat buddy.

Yes I would say that you don’t need one for the usage you describe - editing the beats and kits.

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Thank you for the help!

I’ll add a data point here: If you’re editing the actual parts of songs, these are MIDI files, so you can use whatever MIDI editor suits you (I happen to use Reaper). The editors outside of BBM are decent at best, so it is probably not a bad I dea to look at what’s out there.

Just realised I didn’t answer the question

I do have a cable but only to sync the midi clock between the BB and a Roland GR55

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Does the BB sync well with the Roland? And possible have more features than the new Aeros?

Still looking for a looper that sync’s well with the BB. I know the Aeros will be sweet, not knocking it, just looking into all options.


No the GR55’s looper does not sync with the midi as far as I can tell. I use it for the modulation effects etc.

thanks for the reply

Got the unit today - updated the firmware - bought a few extra kits and beats and installed them.

Not too many dramas! I’m up and running

Thanks to everyone.