Doc Error: MIDI CC:113 - If Part Doesn't Exist

Using 3.3.0 and sending CC:113.

Documentation states “If the part doesn’t exist in the song, the Aeros will ignore the command”.

What I’ve found is:

If the value matches what would be the “Next” unused Part, then Aeros will respond by placing its focus on that Part. If the value is neither an existing Part of the Next Part, then it is ignored.

Or, in the case of the 100 value range, if the value matches the “Next” unused Part and Aeros is already recording, Aeros will go directly into recording on the first track in the new Part.

EDIT: I realize that technically a “next” track may actually “exist”, it just has not been used yet. As a user, I take “does not exist” to mean a track I haven’t used it yet.

Hey there,

This may be just semantics, but technically the next possible part to record does exist, that’s what the Plus sign should denote, because the other parts cannot be accessed, they do not exist.

Does that make sense?

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