Does Any Have the Song Red Red Wine (UB40) and Rock and Roll All Nite (Kiss)?

Hello Everyone.

On the old forum I noticed that at one time the songs “Red Red Wine” by UB40 and “Rock And Roll All Night” by Kiss were available.

Since the server issues Singular experienced in the past, they are now broken links and no longer accessable.
Can any one that still happened have them be so kind to upload a copy of each song with a link to download them again?



Rock_&Roll_All_Night_w_Bass.sng|attachment (3.8 KB)
Rock&_Roll_All_Night_w_bass take2.sng|attachment (25.6 KB)
Red_Red_Wine_A.sng (607.0 KB)
Red_Red_Wine_C.sng (606.5 KB)
Red_Red_Wine_E.sng (606.6 KB)
Red_Red_Wine_G.sng (607.0 KB)

Thank you so much LeeMo!