Does anyone else have issues with the Aeros?

Mine: Firmware is up to date.

  1. Makes my beatbuddy crazy: volume control keeps going up and down rapidly and doesnt control the beatbuddy, like when I want to start a song. The Volume % screen keeps spinning up and down.
  2. Shorts out and reboots if it touches the BB. I am using metal topped routing cables but i would think they shouldn’t.
  3. It intermittently grounds out my whole pedalboard and can;t get any volume from my bass.
  4. Does anyone know why there are instructions and a SD card port but it doesn’t function, i.e. to transfer stuff to my laptop? The BB clicks in like most SD slots. This just slides in and stops.
  5. Finally, I ran the diagnostic and the BT(?) passes but the MIDI self test failed.
    Looking for help or should I just return this unit under warranty?

Thanks all in advance and sorry if this is repeat information. Never been good at searching forums.

No this is pretty much not what other people experience.

The sd card is only used for export at this time. Eject it and look at the .wav files. Also it is a simple socket without a spring to eject, etc. So what you are experiencing here might be expected.

That sounds like a bummer. Check your power supplies and cables? Do the pedals rub against each other and change the volume?

Well, it may be going back then. I’ll contact Customer Support. :frowning:

No, nothing rubbing. Regardless sounds like a short somewhere.

With the SD card issue, I don’t have the ability to save to the SD card from the Aeros. I tap on the card icon to save, but it basically does nothing. What am I missing?

Hey there,

Definitely reach out to, they will help you out and we can try and find a solution for you!

Thanks. Doing that right now.